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Screenshots with ScreenSnapS60

This is a must-have for all S60 users
ScreenSnapS60 a screenshot freeware software developed by TerraMobilis, a company oriented to utilities for mobile devices.

I often have to grab images from my mobile phones to show my best records of my preferite game to my friends, or to send screenshots of mobile prototypes/applications to clients.
This is a versatile software that allows you to make single or continuos shot and export them in different graphic formats : jpg, png, bpm.
You can also use different quality factor for your images and customize the shortcut keys. Moreover you simply send captures via bluetooth or MMS.

How to capture screen images with  ScreenSnapS60

The software is very simple to install and to use.
After installing ScreenSnapS60 you can make screenshots with the key combination : <Edit> + <*>
So let's start :

  • Launch ScreenSnapS60 on your Nokia S60
  • Come back to Telephone menu and launch an application
  • With the shortcut  <Edit> + <*> the image will be taken and saved to a file on the S60 phone (you can customize the directory)
  • In order to see your screenshots, come back to the ScreenSnapS60 (you can do it by using th Application List. See the tip at S60tips.com) and the image will be automatically displayed (you can switch to full screen mode by toggling the "Full screen mode / Normal screen mode" options menu item)


How to customize ScreenSnapS60 

In order to customize the option of ScreenSnapS60 you have to go to  "Settings summary" by selecting the "Settings summary" item in the options menu.
These are the common options you can set :

  • Shortcut : it allows to select one of 3 possible shortcut key combinations:<Edit> + <*> , <Edit> + <0>, <Edit> + <OK> 
  • Filename:  you can choose the name of the file that will be saved
  • Location:  switch from the directory location on the phone memory or the memory card
  • Directory:  prompts you for a directory name. If the directory (path) does not already
    exist, it is automatically created for you.
  • Format: it allows to choose from different formats for your images: JPEG (compressed, ideal for photos),  BMP (bitmap, non-compressed format),  PNG (compressed, ideal for  screenshots), MBM (Symbian multi-bitmap format for developers)
  • Capture Mode : you can choose from 3 different capture modes, Single shot, Multiple shots, Continuous shots. With the last option you have to set a delay time.
  • Deactivate option: it allows to activate or deactivate the shortcut keys used to take screenshots
  • Full screen mode : it is a toggle menu function between full screen and normal screen mode

So don't miss it, download ScreenSnapS60 for free and Download the user manual to learn all about ScreenSnapS60


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